Microsoft 365 Services
Flexible and Secure.

Flexible Subscriptions

One of the best things about Microsoft 365 is the ability to choose from different types of  subscription offerings.  Mix-and-match within your own organization so you only pay for what you really need!

Productivity Applications

M365’s list of applications is giant – and growing all the time!  Create and share documents of with Office software, and then collaborate with Teams and project management tools.

Security and Storage

The M365 model means you are always entitled to the latest version of all apps, making it easy to stay secured with updated software.  Loads of storage makes it easy to save all your important files.

Pay for only what you need

Our customers love being able to mix and match Microsoft services.  If some of your users only need mailboxes while others need Office Software or maybe even both, M365 allows for ultimate flexibility.   We save our clients money every month by helping them choose the collection of apps and services that work for them. 

Applications? You’re Spoiled for Choice!

An ever-growing collection of power-productivity applications at your fingertips.  Take advantage of the latest MS Office Suite with Word, Excel, publisher, power point, Teams, OneNote, and OneDrive.  Need even more?  There are loads of web applications, too!  

Generous storage and an eye on Security

With a minimum of 1 Terabyte for each user, you’ll never have to worry about picking which files to hold on to. And gone are the days of your team working with old, vulnerable versions of Office software because the upgrade was complicated or cost-prohibitive.  With a simple subscription, you’ll always be entitled to the latest version of MS Office!  

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January 15, 2021

"Through the years our partnership with Block5 has been a crucial element in our expansion efforts.  Their technical experience, guidance, and support have allowed us to continuously scale and improve operations here at Joseph’s."

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